Wake up sleepy head!

This is the second post on a series of posts I am planning to write on mommying! Click here to read them all.

PROMPT 2: 5 ways I keep myself energized!

There may be many more but here are five that worked for me

1. Sleep

I don’t think there can possibly be any natural remedy that works as beautifully as sleep does to a tired mom. Just a 20 min nap can do wonders on a bad day.

2. Deep breaths

Sometimes basic oxygen is more than enough to keep us kicking. A few deep breaths in and that extra long nursing session as you multitask in your phone is suddenly doable. This also keeps you healthy. Two mangoes in one stone!

3. Exercise

I have always been a lazy couch potato. It’s hard to pull me out of the house if you don’t tempt me with a movie or food. For such a person as me, a few minutes of regular exercises every day make mornings less chaotic and more organized as I already have blood pumping to all parts of my body.

4. Sweet

Not recommended for a diabetic or for a person who cares for their skin and health. I have multiple zits popping out on every single fortnight all thanks to my sugar consumption. Bad advice is still ok now and then so here is my most fav helper – sweet. A small bite of chocolate or a spoon of milk halwa or jam is enough to open my eyes and awaken my brain from the hunger-induced tiredness after a long long first half of a day. If nothing else is possible immediately and u need to be awake immediately, nothing helps like sugar. Isn’t that why kids aren’t supposed to not have sugar during bedtime? But let me also tell you the downside. It almost works like redbul. Gives you a high and drops you knocked out as soon as you spend that reserved energy.

5. Talking to your best friend

Whatever happens, a quick call to a good friend is sure to leave us in good spirits. And once the spirit is high, the energy is high. A smile on the face, even a fake one, can force your brain to become positive. A positive mind is sure to stay awake for a little while longer than otherwise.

Bonus tip: favourite activity

If you have the liberty of time to pull yourself away for a few minutes do something that you always loved. Watching a stand-up comedy, cooking quick comfort food, strolling among the roses, or just staring at a wall. Anything that you like doing is sure to keep you awake. That’s what worked during exams when I was a student. 😉

What are some tips that you can share to keep a tired mom awake and energized? Share them in the comments below!

This post is part of the Momology Blog Train hosted by Geethica, Zainab, Prisha and Roma, and sponsored by FirstCry Intellikit, Instacuppa, Diet Funda, Hugs n Tugs, Tina Basu, Unorthodoxpeeps, Lotus Herbals Baby and Shumee Toys.

I would like to thank Pooja Budhiraja for introducing me to the Momology Blog Train. You can read more about her work at Pose in Style. I would like to introduce Rashi Mital who blogs at Live It Young. Do give their blogs a read on their take in this topic.

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