My way or the highway!

This is the third post on a series of posts I am planning to write on mommying! Click here to read them all.

PROMPT 3: When nothing works my way, what saves the day!

There are days when everything goes according to the plan. Each hour goes the way it should and by the end of the day, I feel more like an empress than a mom. As if I just executed the master level plan of Mission Impossible.

There are days when things are a little hard, but manageable. A few tweaks, a few quick fixes and things are back to being acceptable in mom standards. This differs for each mom depending on her mindset in general or at that situation. For me, the standards are not quite high. In fact, I would say that I am probably easy to satisfy when it comes to the standards of organising things in the house. But there are, however, a few exceptions that need to be at the desired level of perfection. After all, I have my quirks too.

And then there are days, where nothing seems to go right, no matter how hard you try or how much ever you try to fix and tweak. Even after prepping and planning, there are days that bring you nothing but unexpected googly after googly. I call such a day as DOOMSDAY. On those days, your panic button can just not be stopped from going loud. Your head spins. You want to hit a refresh button and undo a lot of things. On such days what keeps a mom going?


Sometimes all that you do goes in vain. It’s ok to panic. It’s ok to cry. It’s completely ok to feel upset. We are all but human. But get up, dust yourself off and pick up from where you left. Just accept that some things cannot be fixed and move on. It’s OKAY!

Ask for help!

Asking for help is not weakness. Admitting that you are in need of another individual isn’t in any way an indication if your capacity. Not everything needs to be done by you being the solo hero! Just swallow that ‘Hard-to-accept-that-you-have-it-EGO’ and ask for help. Remember: YOU ARE HUMAN!


When the day is over, why spend the next day worrying about how bad things were the day before. A tired mom is still a good mom. Never waste your today thinking about how out if control things were due to your tiredness or any other reason for that matter. It is a brand new day! Smile, eat some breakfast and conquer your today, EVERY DAY!

What works for you on your doomsday? Share them in the comments below!

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I would like to thank Roopali for introducing me to the Momology Blog Train. You can read more about her work at The Hello Momy. I would like to introduce Surbhi Prapanna who blogs at Surbhi Prapanna Do give their blogs a read on their take in this topic.

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