The Slap

She was holding the little baby who sat on her lap. She was showing the baby a little car that she held in her hand. The baby suddenly threw up on her hands and started crying. The little one’s mother took her away to wash. She gave herself a look to see if the baby’s puke was spilt anywhere else and was about to get up to wash her hands. At the exact moment, he walked in and threw down the bags that he was carrying. (He was clearly looking like a foreigner, too fair and thin but with a thick brown moustache, a white shirt that fit him loose with a few buttons left undone and a khaki shorts. Whereas she was an Indian – an average Indian with shoulder length hair, dark complexion, not thin and not fat, wearing a purple salwar with a dupatta.) He looked up and down as though he was unsure of something and then he gave her a look. A look that told her that he had something to say or do. He walked towards her hurriedly, unaware of the puke she was holding. Her eyes grew wide but she immediately signed to show him her hands. He looked at it and walked away. She was a little sad as he walked towards his bags. But he stopped and looked back. He rushed to her even faster than he did before. She sprung up on her feet and walked towards the sink to wash her hands. She then turned and looked inquiringly at him. He inched towards her while holding her gaze. He raised his hands and held her face and kissed her on her lips. She didn’t stop him. But neither did she return his kiss. He moved away to look at her and she ran to hug him. As she held him close, she asked him, “what took you so long”. He just smiled a big grin and looked at her. She moved away to look at him and they both smiled their biggest smiles possible and it was very clear that they were too happy and excited for what had just happened. She turned around as if she couldn’t bear to see his face that made her so happy. He hugged her from behind. She couldn’t believe what was happening. She said, “Eeeeee”. He was shocked and stepped away not knowing what happened. She turned around and said, “No no… I was too happy that you hugged me just as I thought you would and I squealed in joy”. He smiled again and ran towards her with eyes that could see nothing else but her. They both had no clue on what was happening around them. They didn’t hear any sound. They couldn’t smell the gas. They couldn’t see the smoke slowly filling up the room around them. They couldn’t even hear the screams that were coming from outside the house. He turned suddenly as if he finally heard or smelt or saw something….

And then ‘slap’…. I woke up from my dream! Tigger had woken up and he was bored. So, he slapped me awake to play with him.

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