Jungle Radio – Tigger Reviews

It all started with waking up to the Koo Koo of the koel one day. Tigger, just like any other average toddler, always loved running to a lot what the source of any new sound was. He spotted a koel cooing and animated by showed me that he found the source. I promptly told him that it was a kuil (Koel in Tamil) and we both kept making Koo Koo sounds at each other for a while. He had only seen or heard or probably noticed thus far, a Kaa Kaa (Crow in Tamil) and a Pura (prrrrra as he calls Pigeon in Tamil). When he was super excited to spot a new bird, I realized that I wasn’t doing anything to help him learn about birds. Well, I didn’t know much about birds myself and the book that came to our rescue was – Jungle Radio.

The front cover picture of ‘The Jungle Radio – Bird Songs of India’ by Devangana Dash
The back cover picture of ‘The Jungle Radio’.

Jungle Radio is probably the most vibrantly illustrated book that Tigger or I have thus far. The book is an amazing find for any adult who wishes to teach (or secretly learn more) about birds. After watching 2.0 (a Tamil movie that was about how birds are getting extinct due to the radiation from the mobile network towers) I found myself really interested in finding more about some beautiful birds that are now not seen or heard anymore. I did see a few sparrows now and then and lots and lots of my aha when I visited my sister in SG, but I don’t think I even remember when the last time was that I saw a birds’ nest up close.

Jungle Radio brought back many many memories and the best of all was the one that it created for us to cherish for a while in the future. Tigger loves trying to imitate the sounds I make as I read the book. And I loved the super extensive research that the author went through to create this book, which is evident from the list bird names, sanctuaries in India, and a few tidbits for kids to explore bird watching, that adorn the last page of the book.

Name of the Book: Jungle Radio

Author: Devangana Dash, a Delhi based Viscom graduate who taken inspiration from nature to express her mind and her love for books.

Publisher: Puffin Books by Penguin Random House India – a name that is quite famous for churning some beautoful fictional titles and hard to out down non-fiction books as well. They are also quite famous for publishing quite a lot of books in multiple languages that include Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Hindi, Marathi, Kannada, Urdu, Gujarati, and Bengali

Price: Rs. 250 INR is the MRP of the Book

Where to buy:

Physical Book: Available in stores. Click here for the direct Amazon paperback buying link priced at Rs. 185/-

E-Book: Click here to buy the Kindle Edition for Rs. 220/-

Did you come across any other book that teaches kids about birds? Do share in the comments below.

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