In My Heart – Tigger Reviews

There are certain topics that are quite easy to explain to a child and a certain other topics that are a little sensitive. A child is naturally curious and bubbling with questions to understand anything and everything better. When a care giver takes the time and effort to sit down and talk to a child about things, a child realizes the importance given to such topics and makes additional efforts to tune zir own mind about it. This curiosity starts at a very very young age, right from the time the child tries to turn towards a sound or grabs an object. When the care giver tries to encourage a child to explore and understand better, the child grows up emotionally healthy.

Adopting a child or the process of Adoption in itself is one such topic that is a little sensitive, in my opinion. This book, ‘In My Heart’ is a beautifully written and very aptly illustrated kids’ book on adoption. I expected it to get too technical, but it didn’t. I expected it to be a little too complicated for kids but it wasn’t. I expected it to be a good book, it was beyond great if you ask me. Read on to know why and also how you can get a copy of your own.

In My Heart – Front Cover Picture

In My Heart – Back Cover Picture

The book is written in a very simple yet beautiful manner. It portrays the life of Mia and her parents as she understands how she came into the world through a tummy mummy. (Isn’t that a beautiful way to explain things to kids?) It goes on to show how gentle her parents were and how truly understanding a parent can be when a child shows her curiosity. It also has some subtle references to equal parenting and gentle parenting that I absolutely loved.

The illustrations are something I want to specifically mention about as I somehow found the characters melting so beautifully throughout the book. Both Mia’s parents have such gentle looking faces and Tigger immediately said aunty as he looked at Mia’s mom

Name of the Book: In My Heart

Author: Nandana Dev Sen – is an Indian actress, screenwriter, children’s author and child-rights activist. According to Wikipedia, Nandana has authored 6 children’s book and that left me searching on Amazon for her other books.

Publisher: Puffin Books by Penguin Random House India – a name that is quite famous for churning some beautoful fictional titles and hard to out down non-fiction books as well. They are also quite famous for publishing quite a lot of books in multiple languages that include Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Hindi, Marathi, Kannada, Urdu, Gujarati, and Bengali

Price: Rs. 299 INR is the MRP of the Book

Where to buy:

Physical Book: Available in stores. Click here for the direct Amazon paperback buying link priced at Rs. 239/-

E-Book: Click here to buy the Kindle Edition for Rs. 209/-

Did you come across any other book that teaches kids about such sensitive topics? Do share in the comments below.

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