Happy Father’s Day

You may not always be appreciated for all the hard work you put in
You may not always get the biggest share of ice cream that you secretly wanted
You may not be shown enough love as a mom gets sometimes
You may not have seen many firsts as you had to leave your kid(s) behind and go to work
You may feel like the family doesn’t agree with you sometimes
You may feel like your sacrifices are not even acknowledged

But you will always be your kid(s)’ first Hero and a true best friend for life.

You will also be the first person your kid thinks of when in trouble.

You will be the only person that your wife keeps projecting to your kid(s) as the best person in the whole world.

You will always be the problem solver in the house.

You will also be the biggest inspiration to your kid.

You will be a source of security like no other to your child no matter how old they are.

Your warm hug, handshake or a pat on our back gives your kid more courage than everything else when they are feeling down.

And when someone tells your kid that they are just like their Dad, the happiness they feel inside will be unmatched, no matter how old they are.

Even the most simple possession that they inherit from you will be a treasure to them reminding them of you and all that you were to them even after you are long gone and the kids turn too old.

Happy Father’s Day to all the lovely Dads, Dad-like-figures who try to make you miss your own dad a little less and to all future Dads.

Thank you for being there!

Thank you for making us who we are today!

Thank you for becoming who you are today!

We love and respect you more than we have ever told you!

Special mention to all those new age Dads who have evolved from the strict, hard-to-talk-to Dad to the easy-to-talk-to, sensitive, humble, diaper changing, toddler bathing and the single-handedly handling it all Dads!

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