2019 Monsoon with Tigger

Monsoon – the season that brings with it drizzles, showers, bajjis, and loads of fun

There are a few lovely memories of my childhood associated with the monsoon season.

The first monsoon that I remember as a child was probably when I was around 5 years old. Me and my sister would run up with our mom and our aunt to the house terrace to hastily take off the clothes that were hung to dry. Most of the time, they would be wet already and would be spread out in all the rooms to dry under the fan.

Another distinct memory of the monsoon is learning to make our own paper boats and play in the buckets of rain water that we usually collect from the terrace storm water pipe to use later.

And then there were travels. My dad and mom had a really tough time travelling with us kids, especially me because I use to constantly fall ill or at the least catch a simple Cole. But we did travel in the monsoon nevertheless. Long drives in our car as the wipers swish away the pouring rain. Me looking at my calm and composed looking Dad who wouldn’t show any distress to drive in the pouring rains and would instead keep singing with my mom to keep us entertained.

There are a few more such precious memories that surface during the monsoon, especially now that I turned into a mom myself.

Tigger was born in November 2017 and somehow there haven’t been much rains in Chennai. And, this is the first time he has seen rains in our house. We did travel and he caught a glimpse of the rains in SG a few months back but rains at your own home is something that cannot be compared to any other feeling. He showed all different expressions as his kind kept churning different emotions. The sudden appearance of the May Fly (Eesal poochi) followed by the petrichor (Mann vaasanai – the beautiful smell that accompanies the first set of showers), the pitter patter raindrops follows by the whooshing rain.

He also saw us trying to clear out any old leaves or twigs that covered out rainwater harvesting system as we wanted to save as much as we could, the right way. He promote brought out one of his play sets to fill it with water. He may have done that just to imitate us but I really wanted to use that opportunity to help him learn a bit more about how hard it is for us to get water. Chennai has been suffering badly for want of drinking water. Even though we are blessed with a beach, desalination projects haven’t been started due to some political issues and the citizens of Chennai have started buying water. One tanker lorry of water containing about 8000 litres costs Rs 4500 INR as of June 2019. But all this would be a bit hard to explain to Tigger. But he has seen us tiring ourselves out as we hand pump water and run to see if the water lorry has come to our house. So I used that as a starting point and explained all that I possibly could explain in simple words. I hope this journey of educating ourselves about the scarcity of water continues and start making our own memories of monsoon that Tigger grows up to hold close to his heart.

What are some of your favourite monsoon memories?

This blog is a part of a #BirthdayBlogTrain hosted by Gunjan Upadhyay from Tuggu N Mommy and Neha Sharma from Growing With Nemit

I would like to thank Sonam from the Magic Platter for introducing me to this blog train and would further like to introduce Aritro from Styling Up My Life to share their take on the prompts .

#BirthdayBlogTrain #GWNxTNM

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