Hmmm so did u see final destination 1? Everywhere you get to see signs in that movie... Signs warning him of something... Signs giving him clues to find the pattern of death and so on... so, what are these signs? Hmmm actually when u walk out of your house ... towards your brand-new car... and you see a beautiful big crow's … Continue reading Signs

100 words A-Z blogging challenge – Ice cream

Every time she went through a heartbreak Every test she failed at school or college Every accident she met with while trying to do cool stunts in her motorcycle Every sad ending movie in any language Every time she felt her life was one big disaster Every single promotion she was denied Every single time … Continue reading 100 words A-Z blogging challenge – Ice cream

100 words A-Z blogging challenge – Holiday

How I wish I could go on a nice long holiday! Away from the daily struggles of life and the boring mundane routine Neither to a chilly hill station, nor to a beautiful beach, nor to a forest covered in green But to a spa in a nearby salon for a long uninterrupted massage. One … Continue reading 100 words A-Z blogging challenge – Holiday

My AnoonA and me

A few simple joys of life... I never thought that I could do any of my usual work at home after my little one was born. Just when I wanted to clean the messy room, he will want a diaper change. The minute I decide to sit down to write a blog post, he will … Continue reading My AnoonA and me

Babies & Sense of smell

Babies - we love the smell of a fresh bathed tiny human... It is a scent like no other. But they have very powerful sense of smell too. In fact, even before coming out to the world, fetuses can actually smell the scent of amniotic fluid. That is how they recognise their mama! Every mom's … Continue reading Babies & Sense of smell

Patterns, Routines & Life

ROUTINE A routine is a sequence of actions perfomed in a particular order regularly. People find comfort in routines: Everyone loves their own comfort zone. In fact some adults find it hard to even step a little out of theirs. Waking up from a particular side of the bed Having coffee, reading the news, scrolling … Continue reading Patterns, Routines & Life