Lakshmi – A must watch for a parent and kid!

I am a complete movie buff. Here is proof: I spent most of my pre-wedding dates with my husband (then boyfriend) watching a movie. Especially during my first job, I may have seen at least one movie per week. And as if to encourage me, Sathyam cinemas at Chennai introduced Thursday evening blind dates. These … Continue reading Lakshmi – A must watch for a parent and kid!

Shumee Activity Walker – Tigger Reviews

TOYS: Toys are a part of every kid's childhood. But most toys these days are made of plastic, that is not safe for our children, because they contain phthalates, PVC and bisphenol-A - some very harmful chemicals that lead to irreparable damages to a child's health. They even contain lead, which when ingested, affects the … Continue reading Shumee Activity Walker – Tigger Reviews

Babies & Sense of smell

Babies - we love the smell of a fresh bathed tiny human... It is a scent like no other. But they have very powerful sense of smell too. In fact, even before coming out to the world, fetuses can actually smell the scent of amniotic fluid. That is how they recognise their mama! Every mom's … Continue reading Babies & Sense of smell

Cloth Diapers – Reading material!

When I was pregnant I was googling all random things and reading many articles. During the morning poop, on the way to office, on the way back home, after making dinner and waiting for hubster to eat, just before bedtime, during our weekend travels to our hometown... I was on my phone too much! Not all … Continue reading Cloth Diapers – Reading material!