Life is full of surprises Well, haven't you ever felt that? When you expect something to happen, it may not always end up the way you wanted it to be. Which may be a good thing or a good thing disguised as a bad thing. Yes, I am one of the people who believe that … Continue reading DARE TO GIVE UP


My emotions untamed

I did my quota of research on what to expect when your expecting on all sources i could think of. I even remember asking people how contractions actually feel like. They said i would know it myself, when it comes. And it hit me hard. After 12.5 hrs of struggling through labor pains, the doc … Continue reading My emotions untamed

100 words A-Z blogging challenge – Holiday

How I wish I could go on a nice long holiday! Away from the daily struggles of life and the boring mundane routine Neither to a chilly hill station, nor to a beautiful beach, nor to a forest covered in green But to a spa in a nearby salon for a long uninterrupted massage. One … Continue reading 100 words A-Z blogging challenge – Holiday

Patterns, Routines & Life

ROUTINE A routine is a sequence of actions perfomed in a particular order regularly. People find comfort in routines: Everyone loves their own comfort zone. In fact some adults find it hard to even step a little out of theirs. Waking up from a particular side of the bed Having coffee, reading the news, scrolling … Continue reading Patterns, Routines & Life

100 words A-Z blogging challenge – Fantasy

She was just another girl down the road. But her perspective was never like ours. For she imagined living in a fantasy world It was a garden filled with rare flowers She had an abusive husband Who beat her up day and night But neither did she wince or shout She seemed peaceful even in … Continue reading 100 words A-Z blogging challenge – Fantasy

Kadhir and Shakthi – A love that awaits!

  August 29 1988 : “It’s a boy….” Shouted the man as he ran up and down the stairs. “I have a son!... I’ll name him Kadhir” Kadhir – The day he was born, his mother and father were filled with joy, love, happiness, and expectations too. They wanted him to become a musician, an … Continue reading Kadhir and Shakthi – A love that awaits!