Monsoon Smiles

For many of us, Monsoon is the season we look forward to for months. When you live in a place like Chennai, you are accustomed to having s summer for almost 10 months in a year. 2 months in between are for the other seasons - Spring, Autumn and Winter. Now winter is a luxury … Continue reading Monsoon Smiles

Nutrii Bowl – Peanut Burfi – Tigger Reviews

Tigger will soon start eating solids (He is 1 day short of 5months now) But before I give him anything, I want to try having it myself. (P.S. not true for the proven foods like badam, bitter gourd, chikoo or anything else that I don't like to eat ☺️) There are a few brands that … Continue reading Nutrii Bowl – Peanut Burfi – Tigger Reviews