Mama Earth Toothpaste

Tigger woke up from his nap one day with the right side of his face looking a little bloated. It wasn't too obvious at a glance but somehow I managed to spot it and when I was trying to figure out how or why it was that way, I noticed a pea size hard swelling … Continue reading Mama Earth Toothpaste


Monsoon Smiles

For many of us, Monsoon is the season we look forward to for months. When you live in a place like Chennai, you are accustomed to having s summer for almost 10 months in a year. 2 months in between are for the other seasons - Spring, Autumn and Winter. Now winter is a luxury … Continue reading Monsoon Smiles

Patterns, Routines & Life

ROUTINE A routine is a sequence of actions perfomed in a particular order regularly. People find comfort in routines: Everyone loves their own comfort zone. In fact some adults find it hard to even step a little out of theirs. Waking up from a particular side of the bed Having coffee, reading the news, scrolling … Continue reading Patterns, Routines & Life