Baby wearing – Side effects

Baby wearing has made my life a lot more easy than I expected it to be. I have been able to do almost all of my chores with Tigger cuddled up safe. I say almost because, even though I can use a carrier for prep work in the kitchen, I can carry him when I … Continue reading Baby wearing – Side effects

13 Reasons Why – Part 2

Disclaimer: Not about the tv series or the book 🙂 Babywearing can be such a boon to many many parents. But to me, it has become the biggest reason behind my happiness. I absolutely love it every time I pick My Tiny Tigger and carry him around. Here are 13 reasons why: Safe and Snug … Continue reading 13 Reasons Why – Part 2

My emotions untamed

I did my quota of research on what to expect when your expecting on all sources i could think of. I even remember asking people how contractions actually feel like. They said i would know it myself, when it comes. And it hit me hard. After 12.5 hrs of struggling through labor pains, the doc … Continue reading My emotions untamed

Nutrii Bowl – Peanut Burfi – Tigger Reviews

Tigger will soon start eating solids (He is 1 day short of 5months now) But before I give him anything, I want to try having it myself. (P.S. not true for the proven foods like badam, bitter gourd, chikoo or anything else that I don't like to eat ☺️) There are a few brands that … Continue reading Nutrii Bowl – Peanut Burfi – Tigger Reviews


Challenges are fun!  This is the only thought I had as I enrolled in Super Blogger Challenge 2018. Well, I did enrol thinking it's going be just another blog train or competition. I would keep writing the blog posts and would or wouldn't win anything. That's it! Well, it cannot be too hard right?  I WAS SO WRONG! READ ON TO KNOW WHY!

INSTACUPPA – How it can help you!

Hydration! It seems to be the in-word at the moment. For any health-related issue, the easiest solution to reduce the effects it has on our body, all that is needed is one tall glass of water... sometimes more than one. When I got pregnant, I started noticing that my usually dry areas of skin were … Continue reading INSTACUPPA – How it can help you!

A Generation Without Gender Bias

Ever since I was, probably, 7 or 8 years old, I have always been judged and called out for Not having long hair Not liking pink Not wearing frocks Not having a sweet voice Hanging out with friends who happened to be boys Wearing shorts Riding a boy's cycle And many such ridiculously normal stuff … Continue reading A Generation Without Gender Bias